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RiverGhost Make Their Shaking Debut With “DarkHorse”

Nashville, TN- Southern Rockers RiverGhost Make Their Debut With Single “DarkHorse”

RiverGhost hit the ground running with their first single “DarkHorse”. While the band has been in action since 2021, they bring their bluesy rock and roll sound to 2022 with their long awaited on-record debut. “DarkHorse” has all the guitar-driven grit that hard rock fans love meshed with that signature Southern rock groove that’ll make listeners shake and shimmy. This blues rock act captures the essence of classic bands like Guns n’ Roses, The Black Crowes and Aerosmith with a fresh take on that sacred sound. “DarkHorse” is just one of many hard-hitting singles in RiverGhost’s arsenal, and listeners can expect much more to come.

“DarkHorse” is a song about being faced with the troubles of our times and life, and beating it all back. It’s a song about changing the story, a song about thriving. RiverGhost is not afraid of tackling important issues or just writing about having a fire-filled good time! When Boots Roberts and I sit down to write, we often do a lot of improv. Those bones usually end up being most of what turns out to be the final tune.” says Kaige Dvelle, RiverGhost leader and frontman.
“Kaige and Randy (Boots) work together like they have been on the same team for their entire lives, kind of a Steven Tyler/Joe Perry synergy when they are in the room together. In the studio, working with the team was just effortless. All I had to do was stay out of the way and not mock it up.” – Tim Dolbear, producer.
“This is a great song! Exceptional groove between the bass and drums, there’s excellent melody and a great guitar solo. Don’t miss out on RiverGhost, you’ll really like this.” – Jon Wysocki, Staind
Kaige Dvelle – Vocals
Randy “Boots” Roberts – Guitar
Justin Tolley – Bass
Alex Walls – Guitar
Isaac Velasquez – Drums
“Takes me back to the glory days of 70’s blues rock. Reminiscent of Free, Humble Pie, and The Black Crowes. A slice of feel good, earthy rock and roll!” – Tony Harnell, TNT

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