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Step Through “The Dark Door”, If You Dare…

The Dark Door is a brand new horror fiction zine which collects fiction, editorials, poetry, artwork and music (via QR codes) into a nearly 80-page zine, modelled after traditional 70’s and 80’s pulp horror fiction zines.

We’re trying to spread the word about this new publication as far and wide as possible. We have licensed works from some of the most talented up-and-coming authors, artists and musicians from around the internet to put together a collection of material of a very high standard. Our intention is to publish future issues on an ongoing basis, aiming for 3-4 issues annually.

We are looking to horror blogs to help us spread the word so that these talented contributors can gain a wider audience for the phenomenal work they have crafted. This is a rather unique publication in today’s market, and we think there is an untapped desire for this sort of material if only we can spread the word to the wider horror community.

I hope you will consider making a post on your blog about The Dark Door, and I would be happy to assist in any way that I can.

The Dark Door can be found in our web shop here: https://illadvisedrecords.com/shop

Individual copies are only $10, and subscriptions for the next four issues are $35

We are also always looking for submissions to the zine on an ongoing basis.

Writing submissions: https://forms.gle/4R4MB7tWS5vNCpyi6

Art submissions: https://forms.gle/7xBhSqpF7qFnF5Rz6


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