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Top 5 Horror Themed Casino Slot Games

Whilst it certainly isn’t for everyone, the horror genre continues to hold its place within the international psyche of the general public.

Horror movies are of course the bread and butter for the genre but as the popularity and intrigue around horror as a concept and its origins, it has spilt over into a multitude of different sub cultures as a result.

One of the growing industries that have looked to integrate horror into their products is the gambling industry, with a plethora of horror themed casino games now entering the market.

Inevitably, for gambling traditionalists, having a theme to a casino game isn’t what they desire – with their principal aim winning as much money as possible, regardless of the thematic effects accompanying the game.

However, the nuance of horror themed casino slot games continues to grow, with new online casinos from all over the world and UK seeing the value in offering horror slots to their punters.

In this emerging market, picking the most attractive casino slot game can sometimes be tricky but here is a rundown of the top 5 horror themed casino slot games on the market:

One of the market leading offerings is Blood Suckers, a game developed by NetEnt, a leading software provider of online slots.

The USP for Blood Suckers is its playability, with slot gamers of all levels able to quickly familiarise themselves with the gameplay set up.

In addition, the huge array of special effects punters experience when playing Blood Suckers certainly adds to the appeal for seasoned and rookie casino slot players.

And when it comes down to brass tacks, Blood Suckers is a 25 pay line medium variance casino game – giving punters what they want – plenty of opportunities to win some cash.

As the name suggests, the Circus of Horror slot game is a fun-packed, highly volatile game, developed by another market leader in GameArt.

Keeping a steady bankroll is the aim of the game with Circus of Horror, as players have a remarkable 5 reels and 243 pay lines to battle, meaning winning big is often attritional rather than instantaneous.

Horror fans also get their money’s worth with Circus of Horror, with plenty of quirky horror niches referenced in the game – ideal for the proper horror fans out there looking to win some wonga.

Dystopian landscapes are the order of the day with Lost Vegas, another market leading horror casino slot game developed by Microgaming.

Whilst it isn’t the easiest game to get to grips with straight away, the game itself is very user-friendly and there are plenty of rewards on offer when playing Lost Vegas.

The USP for Lost Vegas is the array of bonus features, that will certainly appeal to seasoned slot game punters that are looking to maximise their winning capacity.

No horror themes rundown would be complete without a Frankenstein reference and the Frankenstein slot game is another designed by NetEnt.

Simplistic in its nature and with plenty of solid graphics, the Frankenstein slot game absolutely fits the brief in the horror genre.

Whilst it isn’t a game that is hugely memorable, it offers punters with plenty of chances to win money – exactly what gamblers are after.

In a similar vein, Dracula is another of the great horror characters that has to get a mention and the Transylvania slot game is an emerging one on the market.

With 10 pay lines on the go, punters cannot miss with the Transylvania slot game, which is a little primitive in its set up but once again, punters can always win money, which is ultimately what they are there for.


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