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Joshua Brucker’s Found Footage Film Mothman Begins Production This Spring

Filmmaker Joshua Brucker is pleased to announce that casting for his upcoming film, Mothman, has completed.
The cast includes Liz Fletcher, Christopher Kuriata, and Randall Cole.
The story follows Amanda Mason (Liz Fletcher) and her boyfriend Tim (Christopher Kuriata) as they set out to develop a documentary to shed light on the case surrounding her missing brother, Dakota (Randall Cole). After retrieving his lost SD cards and cellphone, she uncovers a truth that leads her down an unsettling path, putting her face-to-face with the horror her brother unknowingly encountered: The burning red eyes of Mothman.
“The story had an incredible amount of potential and with such a deep connection to modern American folklore, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. While I’ve stuck to the many Mothman myths, I have created a few of my own that I think really drive the emotional side of the story. I guarantee the viewer will feel the tense, horrific side of this story as much as the sadness and guilt our main character feels,” said Brucker, who is making his directing debut with this film. “The style of filmmaking, found footage blended with pseudo-documentary, really brings this story to life.”

Brucker noted the cast will be the key to bringing authenticity to the found footage film.
“I’ve put together an amazing cast, who are entirely capable of tackling the script I’ve crafted. They will certainly bring a level of authenticity to the characters they’re set to portray. We aren’t supposed to watch actors; we are supposed to watch real people in a found footage film. Our cast has this in the bag. I’m excited to learn from them on set and hopefully we all walk away having had a wonderful, enlightening, and fun experience.”
The film, which is set to begin filming in May, will film in Southern Ohio, including the Hocking Hills State Park and the suburbs of Cincinnati. Additionally, a number of scenes are set to be filmed where it all started: Point Pleasant, WV.
Brucker plans to run a crowdfunding campaign in February. Currently, a Pre-launch Page runs providing details and opportunities to sign up early for exclusive offers prior to the launch of the official campaign. To learn more about the pre-launch page, visit here. (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mothman/coming_soon/x/16917729)
To learn more about the film, contact please visit the films official Facebook Page here. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/972639900009625/?ref=share)
About Joshua Brucker
Joshua Brucker was born near Chicago, Illinois and studied history at Eastern Illinois University. He has recently published a short horror story collection, When Darkness Comes. As a lover of horror literature and film, he’s inspired to scare the hell out of any reader.

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