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TV Review: Creepshow (TV Series) (Season 2) (2021)

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Creepshow is an American horror anthology streaming television series that was released on Shudder


For those of you who caught my last review of Creepshow (season 1), I’m happy to say that the delights keep coming. Now joining us in 2021, this American anthology keeps the legend alive with a whole new batch of goodies….namely killer short stories.

Now I’ve never been a huge fan of anthology films, unless properly approached under the right brand and inclusion of talents, namely acting, writing and reacting. Season 2 does not disappoint in the least with 5 new episodes (45 minutes each). Each episode is really a combination of 2 stories per episode and one single, which would make for 9 new stories (if counting)

The Creepshow series excels over its copycat attempts out there mainly with the inclusion of Greg Nicotero and team taking on the special effects arena. A noted FX team who have received accolades for their prior work and Walking Dead Series magic, Nicotero and friends firmly tackle the difficult task of making sure all the creeps, creatures, nightmares and associated terrors are executed to motion picture standards.

The show itself is planted within the excellent rollout efforts of Shudder network, who have really added an impressive contribution of new shows, series and films in recent years. Creepshow being no exception to that. The series has already been approved for a 3rd series bringing us to the latest effort which is now making its way onto DVD / blu ray.

Fans who may have missed this season are encouraged to purchase this fine set which not only presents in high definition but includes subtitles and extras for those who want the full experience.

Episodes this round include:

Model Kid: A 12 year old who obsesses over classic horror is a able to bring these frights to life as a warning to those who bully horror fans. Kevin, delights in seeing his former plastic models arise and proved retribution to those who think might otherwise.

Public Television Of The Dead: You would have thought was directed by Sam Raimi as it pays homage to the Deadites who emerge from the Necronomicon, book of the dead. A TV station is taken over by these famous Evil Dead creatures when an appraiser unseals and unleashes the demons from within.

Dead and Breakfast: Brings the exploitations of a local “Dead an Breakfast” attraction to life when the inherited owners of the establishment learn that the lore of “Old Lady Spinster” are indeed more than just a a hoax!

Pesticide: is a fun piece that focuses on Harlan King (Josh McDermitt) – master of rodent and pests, who has been given a new assignment…… troublesome vagrants!

The Right Snuff: deals with a space exploration effort who may reluctantly assist in the demise of the planet earth, the planet that they were sent into space to protect!

Night of the Living Late Show: A really cool short that has Simon the inventor enjoying his new creation, the experience of full movie immersion! Simon takes a special liking to the old classic Horror Express

The series contains a few fun others but for me the most exciting was holiday special “Shape Shifters Anonymous“. A new take on the Santa Claus legend and his mall ringing minions. Great fun and practical effects work here that has shape shifters battling old Kringle

The release of the TV series Creepshow 2 is a fun romp of horror, humor and fright designed to entertain the massed with its mix of engaging stories and visuals. If you are a fan of the series or the original Creepshow films, then you’ll be right at home with this latest release under Shudder. Better yet, collect them all as you prepare for season 3 to unveil!

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