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Spotify/Parcast Podcast “Disappearances with Sarah Turney” – New Episodes Available NOW

New episodes of Disappearances with Sarah Turney are available now! The newest crime mystery Spotify Original podcast from Parcast explores stories of those who wanted to disappear and others who had no choice, from abductions to murders, to runaways and second chances, Disappearances examines some of the most well-documented missing persons cases in history.

In the United States, on average a new missing person’s report is filed once every minute, each coming with its own unique story. Host Sarah Turney – who established a robust following in the true-crime community after bringing awareness to her sister’s disappearance on TikTok, where she currently engages 1.1M followers – aims to bring missing persons cases to light within the series, from the obscure to the well-known.

The newest episodes can be listened to now on Spotify (HERE), including:

  • Michael Rockefeller – the heir to one of the largest fortunes in the world who vanished off the coast of New Guinea.
  • Phoenix Colden – disappeared in 2011 after she left her family home in  Spanish Lake, Missouri and her car was found 3 hours later – abandoned in a different state.
  • Ettore Majorana – a brilliant physicist vanished from Italy in 1938, leaving only a series of cryptic letters behind.
  • And more

Additionally, in each episode listeners are directed to Sarah Turney’s nonprofit organization Season of Justice, whose goal is to provide financial resources for both law enforcement and families in order to bring closure to those impacted by unsolved violent crimes. Each episode encourages listeners to get help or to support anyone who is dealing with missing persons cases.

Would you be interested in covering the newest episodes of the podcast? You can find more information on Sarah Turney and Disappearances beneath my signature.


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