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Fury Weekend & The Anix’s Epic Collaboration “Illumination” Gets An Atmospheric Transformation Courtesy of NUTRONIC

Fury Weekend & The Anix’s
Epic Collaboration “Illumination”
Gets An Atmospheric Transformation Courtesy of NUTRONIC

The colossal collaboration between Fury Weekend and The Anix on “Illumination” undergoes a visionary transformation courtesy of NUTRONIC with this brand new remix. Patiently rhythmic songwriting and carefully understated melodic touches forge a dynamic atmosphere with electric guitar for a powerful take on an instant classic. The NUTRONIC remix of “Illumination” is out now on all platforms from independent retro synth label FiXT Neon.

“We had a great time stripping down ‘Illumination’ and reintegrating it as a rock song. With fantastic vocals from The Anix it works great as a both a dance beat and as an alt-rock number. We love the versatility of talent on FiXT and how easy it is for us to transcend genres. We’re happy to present our first remix for FiXT, and it’s high time since we haven’t remixed a song in years.”

In late 2018, Fury Weekend signed a multi-album deal with FiXT Neon, re-releasing his first three EPs and full-length album while preparing for a second full-length, Escape from Neon City. 2019 marked a breakout year for Fury Weekend as new singles like “Thousand Lights” featuring Megan McDuffee and the Scandroid collaboration on “Euphoria” were immediate hits, propelling Fury Weekend to over 150,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Escape from Neon City marks the latest milestone in Fury Weekend’s rapidly ascending career. In 2020, Fury Weekend continued releasing regular singles building to over 200,000 monthly Spotify listeners and released his latest full-length album, Signals.

The Anix has become a cutting-edge rock mainstay across dozens of official Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Yandex, and YouTube Music editorial playlists, reaching over 300,000 monthly listeners with over a million streams each month. The Anix has also had music featured in popular video game franchises such as Call Of Duty, Destiny, and Mass Effect.

FiXT Radium label mate NUTRONIC began as a group of online friends back in 2011 collaborating and figuring out how to put vocals into dubstep and drum and bass mixes. From these experiments, two members emerged as highly motivated artists with long-term goals for the project. USA-based Jeremy Strickland took the lead on the project as producer/songwriter while UK-based Nick Dyson brings his unique vision to the project as its guitarist and co-producer. As a two-piece, NUTRONIC has steadily evolved and pushed themselves into new creative territory with each new effort. Pulling key influences from bands like Pendulum, Muse, and A Perfect Circle, Jeremy and Nick add ideas from indie rock and progressive metal, gluing it together in a carefully balanced electronic rock format. The duo released their full-length album Futures in May 2021.

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