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Seething Akira Drops Fiery New Single “Smile Thief”

Seething Akira
Drops Fiery New Single “Smile Thief”
New Album Dysfunctional Wonderland 
Out September 3rd via FiXT Radum

6-piece UK electro-nu-core rockers Seething Akira have announced their sophomore album Dysfunctional Wonderland, with the album on pre-order through independent record label FiXT Radium. The album has been announced for release on September 3rd, with the third single leading up to the release, “Smile Thief” available immediately.”

Pounding rhythms, crunchy guitar riffs, and a no-holds-barred vocal delivery pour fuel on the fire of Seething Akira’s searing new track, “Smile Thief.” The song’s powerful delivery and provocative lyrics provide an instantly impressive creation with relentless attitude.

“Smile Thief is essentially a giant middle finger to those who go out of their way to bring negativity and stress and mental torment to others unnecessarily.” – Seething Akira

“Dysfunctional Wonderland is predominantly about the human mind, how it processes information for either good or bad, and the lack of control on how it decides to process this information. From questioning common beliefs to the malfunctions, and how it can be altered as a consequence to actions beyond our control, both by means of advertisement and social media platforms, to targeted mental assaults.” – Seething Akira

Seething Akira delivers 10 pulse-pounding tracks on Dysfunctional Wonderland,
blending modern rock, metal, and electronics together with a take-no-prisoners vocal style. The album includes the recent standout singles “Ded” and “The Fallen,” both of which received prominent editorial support ending up on  Spotify’s official Rock Hard playlist.

Stream / Pre-Order:

Explosive. Bombastic. Defiant. Intense. Seething Akira have developed a gloriously turbulent sound that is uniquely their own. Founded by vocalists Charlie Bowes and Kit Conrad, Seething Akira are a 6-piece electronic nu-core band hailing from the seafront city of Portsmouth, UK that have been tearing venues apart across Europe with their powerful fusion of genres since 2012.

The band’s first full-length album, Sleepy Skeletor, dropped in 2018 and made it clear that Seething Akira would be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come. In late 2020, the band launched a series of new singles leading up to their second album, the highly anticipated Dysfunctional Wonderland. With the strength of the band’s music and their popularity with fans rocketing skyward, they connected with electronic rock label FiXT and forged a partnership for their future releases.

Seething Akira has been featured on the Rock Hard Spotify editorial list, while their single “Firepower” landed on Kerrang Radio and Scuzz. “I Am The Devil” and “The Islander”  were both featured on BBC Introducing, and “The Islander” premiered on Soundsphere Magazine.

At home and on the road, Seething Akira have also put their stamp on staple festivals such as Bloodstock, Victorious, Camden Rocks, and many more while touring with bands like The Qemists and The Algorithm.

The band’s new album, Dysfunctional Wonderland, is scheduled release on September 3rd, 2021 followed by a UK tour.

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