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History of Jigsaw

Horror movie analysis YouTube channel CZsWorld. Videos where I break down the lives of beloved horror characters

ABOUT THE SERIES // Horror History

Horror History is the internet show that analyses characters from your favorite horror franchises. In each episode, you’ll join horror movie analyst CZsWorld in the Horror History classroom as he explains the lore from your favorite horror books, movies, TV shows, or other media. He will start with the beginning of the character’s life and analyze their entire story in chronological order.

ABOUT THE VIDEO // Saw: The Complete History of Jigsaw | Horror History

John Kramer is the engineering mastermind in the Saw movies known as Jigsaw, who was responsible for the loss of at least 57 victims. How did Kramer’s past turn him into one of the most feared horror villains?

In this video, horror-aficionado CZsWorld analyzes the entire life of John Kramer, from his birth in 1954 to his marriage to Jill Tuck, the creation of his games, the disciples he raised to carry on his legacy, and his ultimate downfall. He’ll also be looking at the traps: from the iconic reverse bear trap, to John’s personal favorite: the rack and more! This may be the most accurate timeline of the Saw universe on the internet!


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