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In TWENTY TWENTY Dave Slade (Nicholas M. Garofolo) faces a myriad of and external struggles in trying to figure out what’s real or surreal. He encounters the threatening presence of Terranova,(Dakota Wollmer) a huge woman who claims she’s from the future, and he experiences terrible nightmares that illuminate this dilemma she presents to him along with a Mystery Woman (Francia Fonseca). His Landlord, Mary Lee, (Rosie Xu) is a positive presence who helps him waddle through the murky waters of his polluted mind as Old Man (Dave Sweeney) mysteriously guides him to his destiny.

Directed, Produced and Written by Dave Sweeney Cinematography, Edit and Music by Marc Fratto, featuring “Glitter” by Giant Flying Turtles.

This film won “Best Psychedelic Fantasy Short Film ” at Retro Avant Garde Film Festival NYC and has been selected for the OTB Only The Best Film Festival.  Viddsee, a web site for award winning films, has the film available. Troma Entertainment will have the film in its library as well.

It is currently available on line at Amazon Prime Video as well as Reveel Movies, Rezo TV and NuVysion. Also, can be seen on Roku and Google TV.

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