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New album and demonic music video from award-winning composer/producer Megan McDuffee

Multi award-winning video game artist Megan McDuffee produces stunning electropop debut, “Inner Demons”

After securing two Annual Game Music Awards, being featured on the front page of Bandcamp, and receiving a nomination for a Music+Sound Award, Megan McDuffee debuts with the sultry Inner Demons dropping May 21st.

Megan McDuffee is a video game composer, music producer, and electropop recording artist known for her soundtracks, film trailers, and synthpop collaborations. With 1.7 million Spotify streams last year alone and a rising tide of critical notice, Inner Demons is long overdue.

McDuffee draws inspiration from a wide range of influences, including Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, IAMX, and 80’s film scores. Through swirling, dark, electronic textures, impeccable production, and vocals dripping with honey, Megan has made a name for herself in the video game, film, and music industries. Inner Demons is her debut full-length release as a recording artist, highlighting her internal emotional struggle with deep synths, pulsing rhythms, gritty atmosphere, and sparkling melodies.

Megan is a full-time independent video game and film composer with an impressive client list ranging from Position Music to Paramount Pictures, and she composes, produces, sings, records, and mixes all of her own work. Veteran mastering engineer Pete Maher (Goldfrapp, Lana Del Rey) mastered the album, dubbing the content and production “superb.”

Her ethereal vocals and haunting melodic lines have landed Megan co-writes and collaborations with more than 40 artists such as Scandroid (Klayton), Emmy-winning James Dooley, and Mitch Murder. Inner Demons represents the climax of her electropop work, and the beginning of many seductive releases to come.

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