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Mudbrain Release Moody Alt-Metal Track “Say Something”


Listen to “Say Something” HERE

For More Mudbrain Stream Their Debut EP, The Filth, HERE

It’s pedal to the metal for Mudbrain as they drop their melancholic and brooding rock single “Say Something.” The track encapsulates the band’s heavy 90’s grunge influence with the flare of youthful ingenuity. Vocalist Aleks Serdar has his lips sealed about the meaning behind the song, but reassures us that it is his darkest and strongest musical conjuring to date:

“This is the best song we have written thus far as a band. We finally found our sound and groove and are ready to shake things up a bit in rock n roll. Little less bitching and a lot more playing. As for the meaning of the song??? Shhhh. Secrets secrets. Everyone has a dark side. This is mine.” – Vocalist, Aleks Serdar

Atlanta-based alt-metal outfit, Mudbrain, was formed by Aleks Serdar and Joe Largent after Serdar was on the road with a former Sumerian band called American Sin. After cultivating his wisdom on the road, Serdar was propelled to start a band that was everything he loved and nothing he hated…just pure, aggressive, rock ‘n’ roll. Lyrically this music is the closest thing to the darkest parts of their mind and soul. Mudbrain touches on themes of pain, both physically and mentally, including love, loss, violence, and suffering. The band expresses a rebellious attitude towards society and they are determined to exude their disdain through their music.

Listen to “Say Something” on all DSPs today. Follow Mudbrain online and for more information on their future releases.


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