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Film Review: The Devil’s Child (2021)

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A young American nurse finds herself haunted by childhood trauma, when she is employed at a remote house to care for a sinister old psychic.


I said a prayer, and began to watch The Devil’s Child. The film opens with Cherry as a kid, and a quote. “DIA VLO. Superior species with advanced mental capabilities. Predators of humankind. Believed extinct in the late 1800s.” Maybe we shouldn’t disturb them…

Directed and written by David Bohórquez, The Devil’s Child is eerie. Cherry (Maria Camilia Perez) is wide-eyed and happy. Her friends Maria (Francisca Tevez) and Sara (Allison Sullivan) are dropping her off where Dwayne (Marvens Passiano) picks her up and takes her to the house. She will be taking care of Naomi’s father Phillip (German Naranjo). Cherry has a kindness to her.

They pull up to a house that is insane. It’s beautiful and creepy, it looks old, and as if it has years of stories to tell. Cherry meets Naomi (Fiona Horsey), whom is not so friendly. She’s a tad cold towards Cherry. Cherry is thrilled and happy about the job and taking care of the father.

There are quite a few rules. Dwayne seems nervous, I feel nervous. How do you contact Naomi while she is away? Naomi cannot be reached; Dwayne will go in to town and contact her. Her father cannot be in the light, poor Dwayne, someone help him. Naomi treats them just as employees. They are nothing more to her.

Meanwhile, while Dwayne and Cherry eat in the kitchen, Naomi is being a seer and she sees something horrible. (I feel like I should pray again, maybe.) Naomi leaves and Cherry is taking care of him. He also receives blood transfusions, which Dwayne goes in to town to pick up.

Cherry finds an old book shelf. There are paintings everywhere with eyes that follow you. Okay, so now a kid shows up and then disappears. They flash back to the part that was in the beginning of the film. It’s Cherry as a kid being taunted by several people.

Cherry passed out and Dwayne comes home, thank God for Dwayne. He helps Cherry and we get to learn a little bit more about Dwayne. The whole movie Cherry wants to dance, she wants to dance with Dwayne, JUST DANCE! This is nerve-wracking, poor Dwayne doesn’t even look relaxed at all.

I’m waiting for Cherry to figure out if the father is her father? Cherry’s taken to Naomi’s ballet studio. Dwayne looks different, his kindness, calm demeanor and sweet look has turned to a serious, malevolent look of concentration as he’s hunting.

Dwayne comes back, Cherry wants some answers. OH BOY!!! (I guess, I just watched too many movies.) Cherry finds a photo of Violet and Violet’s wearing the same necklace that Cherry’s “grandmother” gave her. Boy, do people have secrets in life.

Uh-oh, Phillip isn’t in his bed. The creepy disappearing kid is back again. Where did the father Phillip go? Is he back in bed or not? Cherry decides to go looking for more answers, she finds keys. Cherry’s tasting the blood now…

Cherry’s friends show up and they want to have fun but Cherry and Dwayne look like they’ve had all the fun sucked out of them. Of course, Maria has to use the restroom and she goes snooping around the house, which is not really a good idea at ALL!

Sara (Alison Sullivan) is the calm, collected friend. Maria, or something like Maria took off. Maria Camila Perez is great as Cherry. She adapts to the feelings, the PTSD memories, the happiness, the nonchalant carefree Cherry. Memories of young Phillip (Juan Andres Jimenez).

It’s The Skeleton Key meets Rosemary’s Baby. It’s all sorts of chaos going on.

It’s a fun scary movie to watch with friends (Socially distanced or… you know the drill by now. Just be safe.) Make sure to check out The Devil’s Child.


Written & Directed by | David  Bohórquez

Starring | Maria Camila Pérez and Germán Naranjo

Available On Demand & Streaming May 7th, 2021

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