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Tremendum Pictures (“The Gallows”) Releases New Horror Short WE ALL SCREAM

Filmmaking duo Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing, co-founders of Tremendum Pictures, and creators of the horror hits The Gallows and The Gallows Act II, deliver all new screams with the release of their chilling new horror short WE ALL SCREAM, released today on their Tremendum YouTube Channel.

A neglected young boy with a sweet tooth gets more than he bargained for when he receives a special visit from the mysterious ice cream man, Mr. Sweetie, in the deliciously diabolical horror short WE ALL SCREAM, directed by Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff and written by Jener Dasilva. After leaving audiences melting in terror at ScreamFest, Indie Short Fest, Telluride Horror Show, the Popcorn Frights Film Festival (as part of NIGHTSTREAM), and Cinequest, this high-concept horror short is available for viewing today!

In addition, Tremendum will launch its new podcast “Unlikely Story,” devoted to all things indie filmmaking in May. Despite experiencing breakthrough success with the release of 2015’s microbudget horror hit The Gallows (New Line Cinema/Warner Bros.), Cluff and Lofing remain committed to the world of low-budget filmmaking. To help illuminate its ins and outs for aspiring and established filmmakers alike, they’re launching the new podcast UNLIKELY STORY, devoted to all things indie film, in which they’ll share personal stories from the front lines and interview other indie filmmakers about their experiences.

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