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The Horrific Evil Monsters ONE NIGHT ONLY STREAMING EVENTThe Horrific Evil Monsters are a secret government agency who recruits the most hazardous horror icons to battle a biblical force.

A decade in the making, The Horrific Evil Monsters unites the world’s toughest beings – an unstoppable killer, an undead soldier, an extra-terrestrial being, and more, to prevent the end of the world.From the same studio that brought you FANG, and the same director that delivered Ombis Alien Invasion and A Grim Becoming, Adam Steigert brings us into his world once more as the ultimate showdown of “Bad” meets “Worse” unfolds when The Horrific Evil Monsters clash. A Secret Government Agency, code name THEM, are recruited to fight the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, hell bent on reaping all the souls of the living.

A writing venture between Adam and his wife and business partner Kristin Steigert, The Horrific Evil Monsters has been more than a decade in the making, and the culminating masterpiece of Steigert’s work.

We see a few notablesreturning favorite characters, such as the late Micheal O’Hear (Fang, Johnny Gruesome) and Christopher Brechtel as Mick, but we also see the introduction of new fan favorites, Zombie Anna played by scream queen Kaylee Williams (Don’t Fuck in the Woods 2), Chicago and Empire star Bishop Stevens as Alex Creed, and Will Nemi as the quirky sarcastic alien Obji to carry on a whole new decade of storytelling.

Special effects master Phill Beith, who trained at the Tom Savini School of Arts is an expert of his craft in designing the all-practical effects and Ashsha Kin is the mastermind behind the original epic score. Christopher Burns Jr, third business partner of the 388 Studios trifecta, is the technical wizard that refined the footage to pristine 4k quality.

The Horrific Evil Monsters has been wrapped and post production has been completed for quite some time but due to the unfortunate events surrounding Covid 19, it has been patiently waiting for its release.

With the continuation of restrictions nationwide and local theatres closed or at 25% capacity, 388 Studios decided to go a delivery route that had become more commonplace in the new era of film premieres. The Horrific Evil Monsters will premiere Live Streaming on May 15th 7pm EST via Vimeo. The event will host a pre-show, and a live Q&A to follow with Director Adam Steigert and several cast members. The event is one night only and pre-order is available now. Please support Indie film as the pandemic has greatly impacted local arts.



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