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First look trailer for Issa Lopez’s new Blumhouse film, El Chupacabras

What: First look trailer for Issa Lopez’s (Tigers Are Not Afraid) new Blumhouse film, El Chupacabras.

Who: Mexican director Issa López is best known for the multi-awarded, critics darling Tigers Are Not Afraid: A supernatural tale about children fighting for survival in a harsh real-life environment. The film is Certified Fresh by Rotten Tomatoes with a 97% and gave the director international recognition.

When: Issa López’s exciting secret project for Blumhouse is coming to theaters this summer.

Quotes: “As a Mexican filmmaker, I’m a firm believer there can never be enough movies about El Chupacabras,” said Issa Lopez, “and I’m here to deliver on that promise.”

“Just when you thought there was a movie I wouldn’t make — I present, El Chupacabras,” said Jason Blum.

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