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Interview: Julia Sarah Stone (Come True)

Actress Julia Sarah Stone talked with Horrornews.net about her role in the film, Come True. This beautifully terrifying film was directed and written by Anthony Scott Burns.

Hi Julia, how are you?

Julia- I’m good, how are you?

I’m good. Thank you. I really loved, Come True. I was fascinated because I’m an insomniac myself.

Julia- Oh yes.

Come True is such a fascinating movie. The psychology of looking at the dreams. The sleep paralysis and terror with the shadow people. It made me think. How did you get involved with Come True and why did you decide to play Sarah?

Julia- Anthony reached out and sent me the full script. I was also very drawn to it because of the questions it asks about sleep psychology and then about the psyche. Those kind of deep, hidden unanswered questions. I like stories like that. I was so drawn to the character Sarah. How she drives the story, her spirit, and curiosity. The fact that she’s not a passive victim, which is something I very commonly see in this genre.

My heart went out to Sarah. It was a lot for her to go through. Did you know about the ending? I don’t want to give away spoilers but were you surprised?

Julia- Yes, I was aware of how it ended. That was all in the script as it was sent to us. I loved that; the ending was like a courageous way to end the movie, if that makes sense.

Yes, it does.

Julia- I’ve seen mixed reactions. People feel very strongly about it. I think that was very purposeful. I do think that there is something to be said about being relentless about making people feel something.

I loved it. Did you do any research to prepare to play Sarah and delve in to this dream world?

Julia- Yes, I did a lot of research in terms of sleep psychology. The different phases of sleep and the journey from wakefulness into sleep and back. That was a big part of how I mapped out an arc of the film. I also did some research in to the kind of Jung-ian psychology of it all. The architypes and personas and how that plays into what we see in our dream, in sleep paralysis particularly.

What was it like for you working with the director Anthony Scott Burns?

Julia- It was amazing. It was unlike any other film I have done before. It’s a unique experience working with him, in the best way possible. I felt creatively fulfilled. He’s a very collaborative person even though he had such a specific vision for the film. I value that as actor to be able to have space to explore.

What do you want to say to the people that will be watching Come True?

Julia- What I hope is that it causes people to ask questions and feel strongly about something. I think it has been having that affect on people. I hope people go in to it with an open mind.

What are you working on next?

Julia- I have a couple of films that are doing the rounds and they will be coming out soon. In terms of, acting right now. I’m auditioning and I have some close calls.

It was so much fun to talk to you Julia. I thank you so much. Come True was such a great film and Sarah is a strong character. You did a great job. Thank you so much.

Julia- Thank you for having me. This was great.


“High school student Sarah (Stone) is at her lowest point yet when she runs away from home and finds herself with no one to rely on and struggling with recurring nightmares. She chances upon a university sleep study that offers the promise of safety and money and brings her an unexpected friend and confidant in the overseeing scientist Jeremy (Liboiron). But there’s something curious about proceedings and being under observation seems to make Sarah’s disturbing dreams even worse. As the darkness begins to close in, it’s soon clear that Sarah has unknowingly become the conduit to a horrifying, new discovery…”

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