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QOSM Abducts VIDI SPACE in Company Acquisition

QOSM Abducts VIDI SPACE in Company Acquisition

QOSM INC, a startup company out of Virginia, today an-nounced that they are acquiring VIDI SPACE INC from the original shareholders. VIDI.SPACE is an online streaming platform and production company that launched in 2018 as a niche streaming service initially focused on content within the paranormal and horror genres. Over the past two years, VIDI had expanded into showcasing works across all genres – a Space for independent filmmakers and content creators to be Seen. This included the start of the first annual VIDI SPACE Film Festival (VSFF) hosted in February of 2020 receiving an impressive response with submissions in over 22 countries worldwide.

QOSM INC will be adding some of VIDI SPACE’s existing library, including select original content, to its ever changing streaming selection as part of their initiative to promote new content every week. A unique aspect of the new platform will be its “QOSM Qreative” services and rentable “Virtual Venue” allowing YOU to uniquely promote and stream your next live ticketed event, making it more than just a software as a service (SaaS) company. VSFF will also continue into its second year as the Qosm Film Festival, a completely virtual event bringing in filmmakers and speakers from around the world. “Watch our content or stream yours” encompasses the vision of QOSM, focusing on independent filmmakers and content creators, as well as the streaming needs of larger corporations in an ever growing virtual business landscape.

“This past year hasn’t been very easy for any of us to navigate. As a fellow filmmaker, it’s been an honor to be a part such a creative community, but also difficult to watch so many colleagues struggle with cancelled tours, productions and events. I started this company as part of my own personal trans-formation — VIDI SPACE was just a microcosm of what needs to exist right now. It’s time for something new, and I believe we’ve created a community and service that allows individuals and organizations to continue pursuing the things they are most passionate about” said Elizabeth Saint, CEO of QOSM INC.

2020 has shown us how important it is to stay connected. It’s the key to continuing to grow your com-pany or your fanbase. Where you would once meet your audience in a board room or on a stage, you now interact with them at home via laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Whether you’re a business, con-tent creator, or a consumer, QOSM’s suite of streaming and production services can help anyone stay connected, informed, and even entertained.

Implications for VIDI SPACE customers. If you are a subscriber to the VIDI.SPACE platform, your cur-rent account will give you access to all Qosm content and a free month of viewership will be added to your account.

Watch Qosm original movies & TV shows (QosmOs) on one of our 4 tiered subscription options ranging from $0 to $9.99/month. 14 day free trial. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime. Rent the Qosmc Vir-tual Venue to stream your next live movie premiere, film festival, conference or show right to your audi-ences’ smart TV, computer, phone or tablet. Venue rentals start at $50 for up to 2 hours and includes various levels of production assistance (handling of online ticket sales, social media promotion, multi-casting, assigned virtual producer, and customer service).


Go to streamqosm.com for more information.

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