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Top 5 Best Horror TV shown to Watch on a Date

One of the coolest aspects of joining a dating website is how easy it can be to connect with someone on your wavelength. After discovering another single with common interests, the more you exchange messages, the stronger the rapport you can develop. If you happen to meet a fellow horror fan, you could chat about your favourite TV shows, and plan your first date around this shared obsession. To ensure your get-together is a fraught experience, but one that will jump-scare you into each other’s arms, check out five top recommendations from dating specialists from datingportal-vergleich.org.

Locke & Key

Based on a comic book written by Gabriel Rodriguez and one Joe Hill (son of master horror writer Stephen King), Locke & Key is an intriguing suspense series. Following the murder of Rendell Locke, his widow and children move to the family mansion. Here the kids discover a series of keys with the power to freeze time or allow them to enter alternative dimensions. The problem is, there is a demonic presence who covets these magical keys. Derby Stanchfield stars as the matriarch, struggling to bring up her family in these fraught circumstances.

The Mist

Based on a novella by Joe’s father, Stephen King, this is an eerie tale of a mysterious mist that descends on a suburban American town, bringing with it all manner of horrific entities and anomalies. While most who are enveloped by this mysterious natural phenomenon are either killed or turned mad enough to commit murder, plucky bands of survivors take refuge in their local church, hospital, and shopping mall. But each of these locations is far from safe, as the impact of the horrific mist causes people to unravel, sometimes confronting demons from their past. There are plenty of edge-of-the-seat moments for your first date, and the frequent gory scenes will soon have you comforting each other!

Black Summer

The zombie apocalypse has been a standard horror trope for decades, spawning all manner of movies and massively successful franchises (such as The Walking Dead.) But there’s a reason for its enduring popularity. The undead make for gripping entertainment! Here the zombies are not the lumbering automatons more familiar in similar outings, they are crazed individuals, capable of rampaging across the deserted urban scenery in their lust for the flesh of the still living. You’ll soon be rooting for the warm-blooded protagonists as they are faced to make often brutal decisions to stay alive.

War of the Worlds

When classic fantasy writer HG Wells penned his story of a malevolent Martian invasion back in Victorian times, he couldn’t possibly have anticipated the perennial interest in his theme. There have been numerous movies and TV shows inspired by an alien apocalypse, but this loose adaptation, a French co-production, is a worthy addition to the genre. With split scenes starring French and English-speaking actors (the always watchable Irishman Gabriel Byrne amongst the latter), the extra-terrestrial invaders launch deadly dog-like robots to hunt out the groups of humans who have survived an initial mass cull. As with every apocalyptic storyline, whether it involves undead cannibals or brutal killing machines, the omnipresent prospect of bloody demises will keep you and your partner hooked.


There have been three series of this enthralling franchise, set in Fortitude, a fictional Norwegian settlement above the Arctic Circle. On the surface, the inhabitants of this remote outpost endure their hardy conditions, fortified with alcohol, surrounded by breathtaking vistas. But increasingly violent deaths reveal far more sinister presences in this frozen wilderness. The cause of the inexplicable slayings? You guys will have a lot of fun finding out!

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