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Exclusive HNN Interview: Director Anthony Leone (Hacksaw)

Exclusive HNN Interview: Director Anthony Leone (Hacksaw)

1. What made you want to get involved in the film industry?

It was around 2014 when I started writing screenplays. I wrote allot of action and western stories that eventually evolved into horror scripts .

But it was around 2015 when The movie “Only God Forgives” by Nicholas Refn had allot to do with that inspiration to do it. The moment I finished watching that film that’s when I decided I wanted to become a filmmaker.

2. From script–to–screen, how close did this movie come to its original vision?

Very close. Along the way of shooting there were rewrites. But very close.

3. What was your favorite day on set and why?

All the days were the same for me. Each day was a win.

4. What scene did you enjoy directing the most?

Every scene. I know when people finally get to see the film on January 5th 2021, they’re going to have their favorite parts of wtf , but, every scene was important to me.

5. What is the biggest obstacle you faced while making the movie?

The non existing out of pocket budget haha this film was a labor of love from beginning to end.

6. What was your proudest moment during production?

Everyday. Each day was allot of fun going in and knocking out scenes. It went too fast in my opinion. But each day was a win and another step closer to the goal.

7. How do you get a film to stand out in the crowd in such a vast crowd of independent horror?

I’m still a student to the “ film world “ but from what I see it’s a strong FINISHED product surrounded by a good presentation is important. How strong is your poster , the teaser , the final trailer and the look of the finished film. Do all of those Key elements work. I’ve heard it’s a must to have major names , but that kinda beats the purpose of the film i think. If you’re paying too much attention to allot of named actors and not what’s going on, that could throw things off. But, I could be wrong , I’m still learning and barely turning 5 years old In this weird game haha

8. What other filmmakers inspire you to do what you do?

There are so many filmmakers out there . But off the top of my head ….
Kubrick , Scorsese, Hitchcock, Coppola , Sergio Leone, Stallone, Eastwood, Refn, Carpenter , Craven, Hooper, George Romero, rob zombie, Nolan, fincher, Robert Rodriguez , eli Roth, Tarantino , gasper noe… etc

Also. Since I shoot all my films myself with no second unit or dditional camera crew. The cinematographers that inspire me are; Deakins, chivo, Dean Cundy , and John Alcott who shot The Shining.

9. What is your favorite horror decade and why?

80s . 80s is the best.

10. What is the next step in your filmmaking career?

Right now Hacksaw January 5th 2021 on dvd and vod . After that , myself and Amy Cay we’re 99.99% close to wrapping our next feature which I wrote and produced, called “ The Case of Dakota Moore”. That will be Amy Cays feature debut as director . So that’s going to be ready any week now for distributors to take a look at.

Once Dakota is complete and out there I’ll start editing around fall 2021 my second feature film which I just wrapped. That one is called, “ Mike & Fred vs The Dead”. Which features horror icon Felissa Rose from Sleepaway Camp and Victor Crowley. After that, we’ll see what happens in 2022 for me for feature number 3.

Thank you so much for talking with me. This was fun.

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