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On Christmas Eve, The Murder Metal Mayhem podcast will release an audio version of the short story, “The 666 Express”, written by the co-host, writer, and producer of the show, Pete Altieri.  Pete is also a horror/suspense author who has published two short story collections, “Creation of Chaos Volume I and II”, as well as a novel, “The Dreadful Lives of Enoch Strange” on Blunt Force Press.  “The 666 Express” can be heard from their website or most podcast platforms.

“The 666 Express” is a unique audio experience.  The story is about a group of metal heads that end up winning tickets to a new state-of-the-art train, The 666 Express, that boasts it can travel 666 miles an hour.  Things go horribly wrong, and the four find themselves battling zombies in a train car filling with blood and hurtling toward Hell.  The characters are the four co-hosts of the Murder Metal Mayhem podcast:  Pete Altieri, Chris Shawback, Chris “CK” Kovacs, and Joey Cashman.  The podcast is a weekly true crime/heavy metal show that’s been gaining in popularity since they started in April 2018.

The narration of the story was done by Brad Tucker, of the Fright Fights podcast.  The voices of the characters are done by the cast of Murder Metal Mayhem, and the music is provided by the indie metal band from Australia, In Malice’s Wake.  All of this combined with tension-building sound effects, “The 666 Express” delivers its promise in exactly 66 minutes and 6 seconds!

“The 666 Express was a fun project to do that I think will appeal to fans of horror as well as people that dig heavy metal music!” Pete Altieri

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