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Nate from HorrorHound on his New Book “Halftone Horrors” & More

HorrorHound is delighted to announce our first project to hit Kickstarter –
a 240 page Hardcover Collector Guide titled HALFTONE HORRORS: The History of Horror Movie Comic Books!


This exciting book tells the history of officially licensed comic book adaptations of every hit, cult, and obscure horror movie to receive attention within the comic book industry. This comprehensive book includes companies from the early days of this publishing industry – like Dell, Gold Key, and Charlton Comics Group – to the indie boom of the 1990s (Adventure Comics, Epic, Innovation) – and ending on the modern-day comic giants (Dynamite Entertainment, Boom!, IDW Publishing). The visual full-color guide covers everything from Nosferatu, Frankenstein, and Night of the Living Dead to A Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, and Army of Darkness.

Halftone Horrors will also dig deep to uncover comics most horror fans may not have known to exist (Freaks, Love at First Bite, Burial of the Rats, Duel, White Zombie). The book will include a visual guide to the medium by presenting a history and guide for every issue published – including variants, one-shots, promotional comics, ashcans, and more.

The official Kickstarter Campaign for Halftone Horrors is active until December 16th. The book will retail for $35 (plus shipping) and includes a wide assortment of add-on items to bolster campaign funds and provide HorrorHound, and horror comics fans, some fun incentives for helping fund this project. Including the first-ever HorrorHound Comic Book!

We thought this was a fun project to bring to HorrorHound and HorrorHound Weekend customers and fans. Please check out the link to see what the Project is all about! Tell your friends, share it on Social Media – and until HorrorHound Weekend returns to physical events, we will continue to try and deliver fun projects like this in the meantime! Thanks and take care!

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