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Blood Pagent

Best Horror-Themed Casino Games

Initially, when you first think about it, you wouldn’t think that gambling and horror had much in common. However, when you start giving it some thought it can become clear that there is some overlap between them. Horror uses fear and suspense to entertain viewers, and to some extent, gambling does the same thing as the fear of not knowing if a bet is going to come in, or the suspense of a twirling reel in a slot and spinning roulette, can be what gets the adrenaline pumping.

Due to these similarities, it was only a matter of time before horror-themed casino games started to rise in numbers like an army of the undead, and with the advent of online casinos, many classic games have been able to morph like werewolves in the moonlight into scary, horror themed varieties of their former selves. Here is a selection of the best horror-themed casino games.

Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is a gruesomely fun vampire and gothic themed slot game, combining brilliant visuals and sound design to make an eerie experience with a great atmosphere to really hook players in. The game was designed and created by NetEnt, a really high-quality casino game maker that has been hitting it out the park with their high quantity of top games.

In terms of gameplay, Blood Suckers is far removed from your classic slot game. It has a massive 25-payline with a medium variance, allowing players to feel like they have a legitimate chance of winning some money back. What makes it even more exciting is the bonus features that come with the slot game, such as a 3x multiplier that can really make your game super interesting and intense. This is a slot game that’s sure to get the blood pumping.

Circus of Horror

Circus of Horror is a high octane yet fun slot game that boasts five reels and a frankly insane 243-payline. The game is themed around a spooky circus and features various atrocities such as gothic mummies, vampires, and even a dead nurse, but perhaps the most frightening addition is the psycho clown who is the game’s wildcard.

What isn’t too scary, however, is how the game can be played with really low stakes, starting at $0.50, meaning that there’s plenty of fun and scares to be had at a manageable price.

Developed by GameArt, this game is exhilarating – much like all the games at Maple Casino Games – and gory, making it perfect for even the most seasoned of horror fans.

Frankenstein Slot

In a lot of people’s opinion, this slot game is perhaps one of the scariest horror-themed ones to date. This is in part due to the design and graphics of the game but is enhanced by the interesting and suspenseful gameplay.

The game has advanced features like Linked Wilds, that can manifest in both the main game and free spins, giving players the possibility of striking huge wins while you are playing. You’re also able to set suitable coin denominations and the number of active pay lines allowing players to customize the game as they want to make it a varied experience each time they play.

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