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Exclusive Interview: Mike Ferguson (The Devils Heist)

Exclusive Interview: Mike Ferguson (The Devils Heist)

What attracted you to The Devils Heist?

Man, a absolutely crazy but passionate filmmaker and now dear friend, and a bizarre but weirdly cool script. I’m the devil? I kiss everyone in the film?
Filming in Mexico? Where do I sign up??

How do you prepare to play Lucifer?

Come on look at me … lol.  Nah …I just lived him. Just Ask the cast. In Mexicali Mexico – black suit – Smoky eye – Rock and Roll – Cheap cigarettes – Whiskey – Beautiful women – Gucci – Fuck your couch

What was your favorite scene?

Really …… Come on, my scene with my wife . The Amazing Sheri Davis. And The amazing Genghis Mccampbell last but not least The wonderful Sandra Rosko

Ya know …. The classic story. Wife catches husband post Threesome with a witch and a demon. What could go wrong??

How was it working with director Fernando Acevedo?

Huh ? Who’s is this you speak of ?

What was your biggest struggle while filming The Devils Heist?

It’s extremely hot in Mexico but beer is cheap. So, it’s a delicate balance. Having no budget and shooting out of the country. Man do you have a minute?? Lol. It was tuff . But everyone pulled together to create something out of nothing. In This Weird Fun ride of a film – The Devils Heist, Against all odds. Some of us lifelong friends

What type of character would you absolutely love to play? Well, besides Lucifer.

I enjoy creating characters living in them good bad and ugly . But Anti Hero’s baby …Had a couple opportunities recently with Death Squad on CW seed. And a NDA one a completely different role than I’ve played – Thank you – Thomas Churchhill. I appreciate the fuck out of you And a good guy in the The New Asylum film, Triassic Squad with Linnea Quigley. And I’m a co-star on Animal Kingdom. So, I’m starting to have a balance in my role’s. It’s a goddamn hell of a ride.

What’s the best acting advice you ever received?

To just act, don’t worry about everything else. That’s their job. Thank You Erik Roberts.

You are very active on social media. How important is that for actors and other industry professionals?

Social Media is terribly important . Most people use that instead of television .
It gives you as an actor or artist or even studio the opportunity to completely reach and connect with the audience . In ways that we’re not available or considered in the past .

What is your favorite tattoo, and does it have a story?

My portrait of my wife and 2 children with the date of my youngest my two older daughters Tattooed on me. I rented a bouncy house at the tattoo shop that I worked at. I brought them to work with me so mom and Chloe could rest and they tattooed it. That tattoo hurt bad but means the most to me

What would you consider horror’s best decade and why?

The 80’ s man horror at theaters weird video nasties at video stores. Sending self addressed stamped envelopes to tape traders. You know ..scratch that.

NO ……………… Horror’s best time is right now. You can access everything from the palm of your hand . Horror is eternal.. Thank you Midnight Releasing and Brain Damage films For keeping indie horror Gucci. Fuck your couch

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