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The Kaisers’ House of Horror Review

Located in the Lehigh Valley. The Kaisers’ House of Horror is one of the most elaborate Halloween displays ever. The amount of dedication this family put forth for Halloween comes close with Clark Griswold’s light display in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It is a sight to see. There is so much to take in. I would say you have to walk back and forth a few times to see everything. You may find something that you didn’t see on the first stroll around the corner property.

Outside, there is a guest book for people to sign. The displays are intricate and movies are referenced. Everything from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds to John Carpenter’s Halloween. I found the house a few years ago and over time it has gradually upgraded the décor. The Pirate ship is insane. They have everything from figures, displays, lights, animatronics, a phone booth to represent The Birds. It is an elaborate display. It was one thing people who were looking for something to do while being in quarantine could do. You could drive by in your car or put your mask on and walk along the sidewalk to see all the decorations. Put this on the list for next year. Make sure to check out the Kaisers’ House of Horror on Facebook.



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