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IRONFACE: Meet Your New Nightmare!

From Ironface Studios and creator Dan Paul (@SourKoolaidShow) comes the making of a new nightmare: IRONFACE!

The brutal, metal-masked murderer came into being during Dan’s childhood when he wrote the gruesome — yet hilarious — horror stories between the ages of 9 and 11. Now, the “time-capsule” tales he shares with his Twitch communities are getting their first adaptations as comic books, animated series, and more … with a little help.

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Steeped in 80s pop culture and best described as “Jason Voorhees meets The Terminator,” IRONFACE pulls no punches. His bloody stories have been read, performed, and enjoyed on-stream by the likes of Andrew W.K., @Ezekiel_III, @MANvsGAME, and more. Now, we’re pulling out the stops to bring those stories to all-new media thanks to iconic poster artist Torren Thomas, stellar comics artist Ian Chase Nichols and the talented animators at Angry Metal Studios.

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