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AT HOME Immersive Horror Experience ONE DAY DIE

As many of you know, I have a movie releasing next week called DEATH OF ME.  And, SPIRAL coming out next year.  But, many of you may not know about my newest AT HOME Immersive Horror Experience ONE DAY DIE. (www.OneDayDie.com
What is One Day Die?  One Day Die is a macabre, paranormal immersive experience you can participate in from the comfort of your home, but, we’re doing something a little different than a lot of the shows currently available… We’re putting a piece of the show right in your lap. Every ticket holder will receive a heavily curated box with clear instructions to not open it until their scheduled time. On the night of their experience, with the help of their box and other willing participants, they will conduct a seance and attempt to make contact with the other side.

I have partnered on this venture with master magicians and creators Daniel Garcia, Blake Vogt, as well as screenwriter Joshua Ryan Dietz.    On top of this, we have brought on Purple, Rock, Scissors a tech agency of strategists, designers, engineers, creating best-in-class digital solutions to create a next level experience.
I encourage you to check out our website.  (www.OneDayDie.com
Or, follow us on Instagram. (www.instagram.com/one_day_die_)
Lastly, a little more about the creators.  (www.OneDayDie.com/press-release

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