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Home | Horror comedy USELESS HUMANS to release on July 14

Horror comedy USELESS HUMANS to release on July 14

USELESS HUMANS, directed by Stephen Ohl, starring Josh Zuckerman (“90210”), Rushi Kota (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Davida Williams (“Casual”), Luke Youngblood (“Galavant”), Edy Ganem (“Devious Maids”), Maya Kazan (“Mosaic”), Joey Kern (“Good Behavior”), Kevin Michael Martin (“The Last Ship”) & Iqbal Theba (“Glee”).

The horror comedy will release on July 14 from Quiver Distribution. Would love to discuss coverage opportunities – what do you think?

Release Date: July 14, 2020
Distribution Company: Quiver Distribution
Directed by: Stephen Ohl
Written by: George Caine, Stephen Ohl, Kevin Hamedani & Travis Betz
Story by: Ryan Scaringe
Produced by: Ryan Scaringe, Jon Bloch, Amy Lippens & Max J. Silver
Starring: Josh Zuckerman, Rushi Kota, Davida Williams, Luke Youngblood, Edy Ganem, Maya Kazan, Joey Kern, Kevin Michael Martin & Iqbal Theba
Runtime: 77 Minutes
Synopsis: A thirtieth birthday and the fate of humanity are left hanging in the balance when a ruthless alien crashes the party, forcing these four friends to save the world.

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