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“NOTZILLA” – Trailer Released! Movie Releases

Creepy Ex-Boyfriend Productions has joined forces with distributors Indie Rights for digital and Allied Vaughn for the physical media releases of the hilarious award-winning kaiju comedy spoof NOTZILLA for an August 18th. (8-18-20) day and date release!


When a scientist from Japan smuggles a monster’s egg into the United States, what could possibly go wrong when it actually hatches—and alcohol makes it grow taller than a skyscraper?

The race is on as the monster drinks beer and wreaks havoc, the Japanese scientist tries to shrink it, and a crazed weapons physicist tries to nuke the monster—and possibly take the entire city of Cincinnati with it!

Directed by Mitch Teemley

Aymie Majerski, Mitch Teemley

Frederic Eng-Li; Tifani Ahren Davis; Tim Bensch; Samantha Russell; Michael Bath; Becca Kravitz; Spencer Lackey

Winner of 7 Top Awards at multiple Comedy Film Festivals!


WINNER: Best Feature Film — Florida Comedy Film Festival

WINNER: Best Comedy Feature — Will Rogers Motion Picture Festival

WINNER: Best in Show — Con Nooga Film Festival

WINNER: Best Actress, Feature (Tifani Ahren Davis) — Florida Comedy Film Festival

WINNER: Best Actress, Feature (Tifani Ahren Davis) — Simply Indie Film Fest

WINNER: Best Humor — Top Indie Film Awards

WINNER: Best Sound — Top Indie Film Awards



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