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Book Review: Exitors | Author M. Seamus Reed


By M. Seamus Reed

283 Pages

Something lurks within city of Brackenshaw. An ominous entity of ancient supernatural proportion has been unleashed devouring all within its path. Now the unlikeliest of allies, (otherwise sworn adversaries) must band together to thwart the evil that walks among them. Will their souls stand a snowball’s chance in hell or will each simply succumb to the Exitors?

There is something very magical about being an avid reader. Beyond the obvious escape, cognitive and creative flexing, vocabulary enhancing, etc. we also have opportunity to experience adventure for the first time. Exitors marks the first time I had embarked upon a literary voyage with one M Seamus Reed. I will be forthright in stating I was not quite sure what to expect.

Perpetually grateful to step outside my usual fanfare I was most skeptical at first. Yet this wordsmith’s craft came into breath taking shape with each page turned. Exitors quite literally had taken on a life of its own. This critic could not be more enthralled to delve into the fray of the tale

We are in midst of extraordinary times in 2020. From a global perspective, the very ways in which we have been forced to embrace our day to day living has been radically altered. In a shaken and uncertain future, suffice to say we are constantly searching for vicarious escape. Something, any one thing to take our minds of our troubles and ease our woes.

Reed’s timing in releasing Exitors could not have been more impeccable. The author seems to have a firm grasp on what works, what a vast reading audience buys into and manages to exploit our fears to an all new supernatural level. Think of this reading adventure as one that in ways mirrors our own reality yet provides just enough endearment and levity to provide hope to transpose back into our waking world.

Exitors is action packed, reminiscent of the organized crime and mafia flicks I used to gravitate towards as a kid. Reed has an uncanny ability to slap the reading audience across the face, pull each by their lapels into the tale and refuse to relent until the final paragraph.

With supernatural, black magic and juju tossed into the pot, we are treated to an incredibly unique and original plot that continues to escalate with each pulse pounding sentence. Reed keeps the reader guessing. Just when we think we have the pace and outcome predicted, something even more fantastical is unleashed, forever expanding our imagination. Truly little exposition is utilized. A most admirable story telling style, indicative of a well seasoned author.

We do get a brief glimpse into the adolescent life of one Eshe. The encounter provides a sense of emphasizing empathy, rather than convoluting the pace. She is instantly liked by one and all and can feel the plight of the warrior woman.

Without indulging in too many plot spoilers we also get a glimpse into what motivates such characters as Monty. He is the one we all love to hate. Yet somehow his brand of evil is devoid of cliché. We want to know more about exactly what it is that makes him tick.

The plot continues to keep the reading audience engaged. Flipping back and forth in between what transpires between each group provides a refreshing reading odyssey. Some most inspired, gruesome death scenes are tossed into the fray. First time readers of horror fanfare or aficionados alike may be best advised to refrain from late night Exitors perusal.

To whet the appetite of the constant reader, we are tipped off immediately our tale continues, stating Exitors is part one. The novella concludes with a brandished “to be continued” and a sneak peek of what lies ahead. I have always been a huge advocate for the cliff hanger technique. Yet I am unsure if the reading audience requires a conscious announcement. Call me old fashioned but I have always felt a little mystique goes a long way. The What If questions will always be conceived whether we are consciously aware of a sequel or kept wondering.

It is really a non-issue given the ravenous, vast demographic Exitors will undeniably attract. I, for one, will be among the first in line to embark upon the next volume with M. Seamus Reed at the helm.

A certifiable black diamond in the rough, I recommend Exitors to readers of all walks of life, from freshman to scholar.



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