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Explore Gothic Horror with Nightwalkers

Gothic Horror Movies
Coming August 4!

Castle Bridge Media is proud to announce the release of film historian Bruce Wright’s NIGHTWALKERS: Gothic Horror Movies — Revised Edition August 4 in paperback and Kindle.

In this revised edition of Bruce Lanier Wright’s influential book on the history of gothic horror, Nightwalkers, Wright discusses the vampires, monsters and madmen who changed the world of film in the “Modern Gothic” era of the late fifties to mid-seventies. The period stretches from Hammer’s Curse of Frankenstein (1957) roughly to the Gothic Era’s close at the hands of modern horrors like The Exorcist and The Omen. Wright discusses the history of Hammer Films, American International, Roger Corman’s mid-century Poe pictures, and more.
For 20 years, beginning in the late ’50s, moviemakers created a new generation of screen terrors. Nightwalkers discusses, in depth, more than a hundred of these classic horror movies with wit, affection, and a wealth of interesting and amusing detail.

Note from the publisher: “I first encountered Nightwalkers in its original edition right out of school, and its memorable, cheery prose and exhaustive, clear-eyed assessment of Gothic horror made me fall in love with these films,” said Jason Henderson, Co-Publisher at Castle Bridge Media. “Hammer’s Dracula. The meaning of horror. Corman’s Poe Cycle. All here. I am so honored to bring this book back in a new edition, revised by Bruce Wright, and this time with the gorgeous design hand of Castle Bridge Co-publisher In Churl Yo. This is our first nonfiction book and I could not be more proud of it. This will be a full summer for us at Castle Bridge, with The Book Man and The Castle of Horror Anthology Vol 3: Summer Lovin’ coming in June. But get ready: if you love horror or have someone in your life who does, the end of the summer means time to get Nightwalkers.

NIGHTWALKERS: Gothic Horror Movies — Revised Edition
by Bruce Lanier Wright
August 4, 2020
Castle Bridge Media
Paperback and Kindle, 175 pages COLOR. AMAZING COLOR


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