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Hairmetal Shotgun Zombie Massacre – Theatrical/Drive-in/Virtual Cinema Announcement

Synopsis: A band travels to a remote cabin to record its debut full-length album and pile narcotics into their bodies. Things quickly take a turn for the worse as zombies begin to overrun the cabin, so the hair metallers must fight to stay alive and maybe even secure a record deal.

It features guest appearances from Tom Araya of Slayer, Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God, David Vincent of Morbid Angel, Norman Reedus, and the Late Bushwick Bill of The Getto Boys. It also features Philip H. Anselmo providing the theme song for Tom Araya.

The film is a love-letter to 80’s splatter movies like Evil Dead and Night Of The Demons and heavy metal music.

“Hairmetal Shotgun Zombie Massacre” will be released to select drive-ins and theaters starting tonight outside of Louisville, Kentucky. It will hop from city-to-city throughout the Summer and Fall. Dates so far as follows:

July 17th Maryville, Tenessee: (Parkway Drive-in)


From July 26th-30th New Orleans, LA (Chalmette Movies)



Morre dates and venues will be added.

We are also offering a Virtual Cinema experience from August 1st-8th. Virtual Cinema has become quite popular during the pandemic, with just about every major theater offering virtual cinema options from their websites. Our goal there is to replicate seeing the movie in a super trashy theater from the comfort of your home. Tickets for the Virtual Cinema experience can be bought below:

Virtual cinema tickets (August 1st-8th):


To keep up with dates/showtimes/cities, follow us on social media.

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/hmszm

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