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Gimlet/Spotify’s Scaredy Cat Horror Show Finale

Critically acclaimed podcast Reply All’s spin-off show The Scaredy Cats Horror Show (from Gimlet/Spotify), a podcast about scary movies for people who are too scared to ever watch them. Each week Alex Goldman, avowed horror fan, screens a scary movie for avowed scaredy cat PJ Vogt. The final episode of the show dropped yesterday with Obie Award winning playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins joining as a guest to discuss the movie “Get Out.”

In the new episode, they discuss how we’ve been conditioned to view white people as the heroes in movies generally, a trope that plays into systemic racism. Additionally, Branden as a renowned playwright himself speaks to the brilliance of the writing in the movie that uses racial anxiety as an unspoken menace. Despite this film being a few years old, the themes on race and privilege still ring true today more than ever.

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