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Trailer + poster for DEVIL’S NIGHT starring Nathan Mathers

Kyyba Films’ Devil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge, directed by Sam Logan Khaleghi and starring Nathan Mathers (Eminem’s brother), Jeri Jensen, and Swifty McVay (from Eminem’s hip hop group D12). The film hits hit VOD & all digital platforms on June 23rd.

A military veteran who returns home, works in law enforcement and she’s assigned to a supernatural case that’s surrounded by urban myth and legend.

Would be happy to discuss screening opportunities for further coverage consideration as well – what do you think? Excited to hear your thoughts!

VOD/Digital Release: June 23, 2020
Production Company: Kyyba Films
Starring: Jesi Jensen, Nathan Mathers, Sam Logan Khaleghi, Swifty McVay
Director/Story by: Sam Logan Khaleghi
Writer: Aaron Russman
Producer: Sam Logan Khaleghi
Co-Producer: Jesse Dean
Executive Producer: Tel Ganesan
Co-Executive Producer: G.B. Thimotheose
Runtime: 96 Minutes

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