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Scared: the Documentary – William Mitchem and Nightmare Closet Productions Present

Finding the Fear That Drives the Fearmakers:

William Mitchem and Nightmare Closet Productions Present: Scared: the Documentary

Horror, a genre that is meant to create a sense of being SCARED – fear, panic, alarm, and dread for those that consume it’s works, whether it be in the form of film, literature, music, or whatever the creator has made. These works are often frightening, and SCARE the audience as they prey on their worst NIGHTMARES.


Scared is a documentary that delves into the minds of its creators, giving you a glimpse of what scared them as a child, and what scares them now.

Each of us who cower in the darkness of the movie houses and watch the latest terror flicks of our own free will know what terrifies us and what doesn’t. For some it is discovered by simple trial and error. Others, like myself, have educated ourselves by sheer experiences. I have a fear of snakes because I was confronted with more than a few over the course of my childhood. Boom! A nice, healthy dislike was born.

But I, as I am sure a lot of other chiller film-goers ruminate on this from time to time, wonder just what it is that freaks out those very folks who present their own nightmares as both entertainment and moneymaker formula. William Mitchem, a familiar name in independent horror filmmaking and the founder of Nightmare Closet Productions, came upon a project idea that examines up close what frights that drive those currently working in the horror media business.

A turn on the old who watches the watchers? Conundrum except it is now What scares the scare-mongers? He enlisted via social media quite the number of filmmakers, writers, actors, sfx folks and others and it was off to the races to complete what seems to be a most ambitious project, a documentary appropriately titled Scared, the Documentary. Mr. Mitchem has graciously provided links for more information as well as the official trailer below.

The dvd release is lurking, like the proverbial slimy/clawed/fanged/hairy/multi-headed beast, just around the corner (having snakes for hair would be the topper, causing me to faint most likely). Let’s hope that it raises knowledge, goosebumps and profit all at the same time!

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