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Home | Film Review: The Witch’s Game (short film) (2020)

Film Review: The Witch’s Game (short film) (2020)


More short films, kiddies! Today we have THE WITCH’S GAME, directed by Scott Alexander Naar.

I couldn’t find any information about this film online. I did find pages for Blue Nebula films, who put this out, but perhaps its very new and not out there yet.

The story is pretty straight forward. A group of adults sharing a house, where one is trying to study and get things done while the others are drinking and playing a stupid game.

We all know the game, although perhaps by different names. Bloody Mary, Scary Terry, the game where you call on the name of a witch to ressurrect her in the mirror of a dark bathroom.

In this case, the witch is called Mary Worth and the chant is pretty much the same. Also, as was the case for most of us who played the game as kids, it doesn’t work.

Or did it?

Its a fun scary story, you guys. Shades of the Blair Witch Project towards the end. Maybe not necessarily groundbreaking, but fun to watch.


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