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The Pocket Film of Superstitions Trailer Launch

A unique, archaic, cinematic almanac called THE POCKET FILM OF SUPERSTITIONS which is a weird and wonderful merging of shades of folk horror, the supernatural with dadaist humour and a quaint British eccentricities that are long gone in the cinema of today.

Horror and sci-fi queen Caroline Munro appears among the strange and ethereal and the film is currently still in production.

The film is a more polished, feature-length progression after our short film Bella In The Wych Elm was released in 2017 to acclaim despite it’s very low budget.

The film is currently in production.

This is a completely self funded production and we aim to make it a most unusual yet beautiful and detailed piece of work. We hope it is something you will find of great interest and will join us on this weird and wonderful journey!


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