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Home | Artists And Crafters Of Horror and Halloween Arts Find A New Haunt At Creepycrafters.Com

Artists And Crafters Of Horror and Halloween Arts Find A New Haunt At Creepycrafters.Com

“Monstrous” Interest Building In Anticipation For Soon-To-Launch
Online Marketplace for Creepy Arts & Collectibles

What if Etsy went horror? No, that’s not the theme of a new B-movie (although it could be). It is a new online marketplace and community with a creepy twist, set to debut this year at CreepyCrafters.com. The website will cater to artists, crafters, fans and collectors of the Horror and Halloween genres, giving them a place to call home — not just for selling and shopping, but with a community built around the marketplace as well.

“I’m a Creepy Crafter myself with a background in building props for the Halloween industry,” commented Brad Golden, Founder and Creepy Curator for the company. “ My vision is to create a community that brings artists and fans together to celebrate Horror and Halloween art and collectibles.” “We are currently developing our website and are inviting those interested in selling and/or buying through the marketplace to subscribe to our mailing list, so we can notify them when the site goes live.”

Golden continued, “By building a niche online marketplace, these artisans will be selling to a target market that is specifically looking for this style of art. Fans and collectors will delight in being able to shop in one place for such unique art and gifts like prints, sculptures, dolls, jewelry, candles, crocheted items, puppets and much, much more.”

Artisans will be able to set up and brand their online shop and sell their handmade wares. Additionally, the site will offer auction functionality, giving vendors will have a second channel through which to offer their art.

“We’re so stoked for the Creepy Crafters site to launch! Looking forward to a dedicated marketplace for all the spooktacularly talented Horror and Halloween Artists and their incredible work in one place,” says L.A.-based artist ‘CB’ of Creep Baby Studio.

Fans and Artisans alike are encouraged to subscribe for updates, announcements and contests today at www.creepycrafters.com. For questions or more information email at info@creepycrafters.com.

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