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5 Best Ways to Stop Being Scared After Watching a Horror Movie

Why are we so scared by horror movies? The answer to that is simple – they are intentionally made to trigger a fear response at the subconscious level.

Climbing the high of that fear while watching scary movies might be reinvigorating for some. However, for others, it might become an issue, resulting in excessive worry, anxiety, and nightmares. Read below to see how to watch a horror movie without getting scared and what to do if the damage has been done.

Get some distraction

Some experts recommend watching a scary movie in the morning or early afternoon. That way, it will appear less scary due to daylight. Secondly, with quite a few hours between the movie and the bedtime, you will have plenty of distractions to take your mind off.

Watch an uplifting comedy or an inspiring documentary, draw, color, or do something else to take your mind off things. Filling your day with errands and new experiences will help you push the negative memories out of your mind.

Reach out to friends or family

Scary movies may appear even more so when you are the only one carrying the burden. To put your mind at ease, feel free to discuss the plotline, the special effects, the characters with your friends or family members. After watching or right in the process – whatever suits you better.

If you are watching alone, encourage and reassure yourself by talking through the obviously unrealistic things.

You can use phrases like “How silly”, “Why do they always have to look behind the shower curtain?”, “Run, or are you waiting for a miracle to happen?” etc. This way you will be able to dilute some of the tension building up.

Get physical to switch the focus

Doing physical exercise for 5-15 minutes after watching something particularly scary is an unexpected tip, but it works. Watching a horror movie awakens your basic instincts and responses. It’s quite difficult to go back to the balanced and controlled you after that.

Not only can exercise reduce stress. It can also reassure your body everything is okay and life goes on. That exercise can be anything from dancing to going for a run or doing a little jog around the house.

Play a slot game based on the movie

Slot games are quite popular these days. And many of them are based on horror movies. Or inspired by them. Just to name a few – Nightmare on Elm Street, Psycho, Zombies, Blood Sucker, Halloween, Wicked Circus, etc.

Spinning the reels reveals the scary-looking symbols, but on account of them being static, the level of anxiety is low. The graphic symbols are there, but it’s perceived a lot less scary than the movie you watched.

If you are looking for an excellent online casino to play horror-themed games at, feel free to use lordsofcasino.com/ for inspiration. There you will discover many casinos perfectly suitable for Australian players. Not only do they carry a great collection of awesome pokies to play, but they are also totally legitimate and secure.

Spend more time with that particular movie

Here is another fun tip on how to get a scary movie out of your head: see if there are unique features available for it. Seeing the movie in the process of making with the directors commenting puts things in a different perspective.

There often are blooper reels available, with the scariest characters goofing around and making your laugh. Putting a real face to that monster will go a long way in helping you get over the scare.

A final tip for the brave ones eager to watch a horror movie in the future

Most of those tips will come in handy after watching a scary movie. Here is a little advice for when you are in the process: mute the sound before things get intense. Without the sound effects, it only doesn’t feel the same. Use that to your advantage.

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