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Red Static Teaser Trailer Sami Pöyry’s gritty and Psychedelic Thriller

‘Red Static’ teaser trailer: From producers of ‘Tuftland’ comes next Sami Pöyry’s gritty and psychedelic thriller

A thriller by Sami Pöyry that deals with alienation and national divisiveness premieres this year.

The first teaser trailer of Red Static, a film by Finnish director Sami Pöyry, has been revealed. Red Static has been a long-time dream project for Pöyry:

“Alienation among young men and national polarization are hot topics in Finland too, and while I wanted to address these issues in Red Static, I wanted to avoid any preaching. We tried to craft a visceral experience instead – not an analysis but a deep dive.” 

The film directed and written by Pöyry tells the story of Timo, a lonely man living on a secluded farm, who invites his childhood friends for a visit. He has a plan that will change their lives forever. The gritty and almost psychedelic film addresses the same issues as the Oscar winners Parasite and Joker; mental health issues and alienation from society.

Red Static, filmed in the Finnish countryside under the sunlight of summer nights, stars the established faces of Finnish independent and genre cinema Jari Manninen, Roope Olenius, Veera W. Vilo, Jere Saarela ja Saara Elina. The film is a co-production between Monadi-Filmi and Bright Fame Pictures

Olenius and Vilo, also producers of the film, are familiar faces behind the award-winning hillbilly horror Tuftland (2017) and upcoming figure-skating thriller Free Skate.

Sami Pöyry has directed award-winning short films, music videos and an experimental feature film Zomba di Mare (2014). He also has an other film, a romantic drama called Moments, in post-production.


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