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Kill Devil Hills Horror Trailer Released

The hills are alive with the sounds of murder. Gold, greed and wrath surface in the deadly beach town of KILL DEVIL HILLS. The horror movie’s official trailer surfaced on Vimeo on Friday the 13th. “I grew up watching horror movies from the ’70s and ’80s, including ‘Friday the 13th,’ so it felt appropriate to release the trailer on that day,” writer-director Butch Maier said.
KILL DEVIL HILLS stars Sarah Kate Allsup, Shelby Johnson, Ashlyn Musser, Zay Perry, E.P. Macalma and Leanna Criss as friends who wonder if a treasure is buried in the Outer Banks. They start digging for answers in the sand dunes. Trouble soon finds them by way of town locals portrayed by Leon Griffin, Stephen Carlson and Ron Bianchi.
Maier produced the film through his Sumbadhat Productions, with Stanley Aughtry and Anthony Duncan serving as executive producers. The picture was shot in Virginia Beach, Virginia, by director of photography Sergio M. Lorenzana and utilized drone footage of the Outer Banks by Dave Morrison of Kill Devil Drones. Maier plans to release the movie in October on a date and platform to be determined.
“We are listening to offers,” Maier said.
For more information, contact @killdevilhillsmovie on Instagram.
Photos: Courtesy of Sumbadhat Productions
Things are not looking up for Shelby Johnson, Sarah Kate Allsup and Leanna Criss in KILL DEVIL HILLS.
Shelby Johnson tries to crawl to safety in KILL DEVIL HILLS.
Ron Bianchi is one of many with a deadly lust for gold in KILL DEVIL HILLS.
Sarah Kate Allsup wonders how much more gold there is to find in KILL DEVIL HILLS.

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