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March issue of Nightmare Magazine now Available

The March 2020 issue of Nightmare Magazine (www.nightmare-magazine.com) is now on sale, featuring original fiction by Benjamin Percy and Merc Fenn Wolfmoor, as well as reprints by Nicole D. Sconiers and Carmen Maria Machado.

Nightmare Magazine

Issue 90, March 2020

Editorial, March 2020 (03/04/2020)

“The Bleeding Maze” – Benjamin Percy (03/04/2020)

Author Spotlight: Benjamin Percy (03/04/2020)

“Spore” – Nicole D. Sconiers (03/11/2020)

Author Spotlight: Nicole D. Sconiers (03/11/2020)

The H Word: The Melancholy Beauty of Terror – Paul Jessup (03/11/2020)

“The Skin of a Teenage Boy is Not Alive” – Merc Fenn Wolfmoor (03/18/2020)

Author Spotlight: Merc Fenn Wolfmoor (03/18/2020)

“The Word-Made Flesh” – Carmen Maria Machado (03/25/2020)

Author Spotlight: Carmen Maria Machado (03/25/2020)

Book Reviews: March 2020 – Terence Taylor (03/25/2020)

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