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Horror-Themed Slot Machine Games

Who hates horror? Well, except for the occasional scaredy-cat, a lot of people love horror. Not necessarily watching horror movies, but enjoying the thrill that comes with the theme of zombies, mummies, haunted mansions, or even bloodthirsty vampires. Think Halloween and how everyone dresses up to be a part of the spooky season!

Online slot machine developers are not left behind. Horror-themed online slots such as those seen on scr888 have become quite popular over the years, giving players the chance to enjoy spooky themes while playing.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular horror-themed slot games

Halloween Slot

Halloween is a popular online slot game developed by EGT that allows you to win significant prizes. Players also get a chance to walk away with bonuses to get you spinning the reels without worry. You get to work with three rows, five reels, and 20 pay lines; matching three or more symbols gives you the chance to win and get your reward.

Blood Suckers Slot

Blood Suckers is another super spooky slot game guaranteed to take your online casino experience to the next level. Its visuals are impressive as the developers take you to a burial site for vampires, where your work is to look for vampires to kill. Take caution, though, because bat colonies are out to ruin your chances. With three scatters or more, you get free spins where you can multiply or triple your winnings.


Dracula Slot

Several developers have created slots with the Dracula theme, the most popular being NetEnt’s version of Dracula. If you are a sucker for spooky themes, then you should try this online slot. Some online casinos give you the chance to play this slot game for real money. Vampire lovers will enjoy the scary scatter symbols. You also get to benefit from free spins that give you an exhilarating experience.

Bloodlines Slot

Bloodlines is one scary online slot game that gives you a real chance to win as it boasts of 100 pay lines. The storyline is unique in that its themes are family secrets, cash, and love. Your mission is to get past the challenges and get to know more about your family’s spooky secrets. Players cross paths with vampires and possessed characters, but you do get free spins and bonuses, which makes it worthwhile!

Final Take

Online casinos have become increasingly creative in their spooky games. From Dracula to Halloween-themed slot games, you are very likely to have a great time playing these slots online. The theme music also helps to set the tone and keep you glued to the slot throughout the adventure.

Some games are not for the fainthearted as you will come across bloodthirsty bats, demons and vampires, but if you love horror and spooky themes, then you likely will have a great time playing these slot games. While some online casinos give you the chance to play for real cash, others restrict the gameplay to coins and bonuses.

But one thing is for sure, horror-themed slot games are worth a try!

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