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Werewolves and Vampires Collide at OrdinaryMonsters.com

Author and comic writer Frank Martin has returned to Kickstarter with his new double-sided horror novel Ordinary Monsters. Modeled after the pulp paperbacks of old, Ordinary Monsters contains two stories of vampires and werewolves. After finishing the first story, flip the book over to the “back” cover for the second part of this creature double feature.

Also included in the book are two short story spin-offs that further expand upon the main tales. And as a bonus, two 5-page comics of these iconic monsters facing off on a World War 1. So that’s two novels, two short stories, and two comics, all inside a horrifically beautiful double-sided cover.

Ordinary Monsters is a jam-packed experience perfect for any horror fan. Available in ebook and audiobook, as well. Check out the Kickstarter at www.OrdinaryMonsters.com before the campaign ends June 14th.

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