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Wicca Book – Short Horror Web Series!

Wicca Book, is a groundbreaking  indy horror web series consisting of three episodes.

The film revolves around the Wicca book, all the powerful book created by witches. Inside the book is the Devil is hiding and he loves to play with his victims by trapping them and stealing their souls and then hiding them within its pages.

The first episode introduces the book and the story. In second episode we are introduced to the main character MIA, it showed how she finds the book inside a cave. After, the Devil shows up and now the only way to save herself is to put the book back.  In the third episode Mia fights with the Devil to win her freedom.

The goal is to continue the story by making other episodes. This involves time travel and showing how the book found itself inside the cave, then we return to the present era and show how Mia realizes her struggles has just begun.

In each episode Mia goes back in time and eventually we see how the book was made in New England in 16st century. Also, the episode structure resembles that of interactive. In each episode the hero needs to find an element that will enable her to continue her quest.

Being an independent production here in Greece, means you are obliged to do everything yourself. You must to cover expenses yourself as well as fill many different roles. Screenwriter/director Vahagn Karapetyan embodies this spirit of ‘guerrilla film making’ with his follow university students.  The result is a great collaboration which took more than one year to complete.

One of the major difficulties was to tell the story visually without dialogue and to shoot on location in physically demanding conditions in caves and mountains. But every obstacle made us stronger and our passion for Wicca Book helped us to overcome the difficulties we faced.

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