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Book Review: Choices in the afterlife, what we can do and where we can go after death – Author Gretchen Vogel

Written by Gretchen Vogel
Edited by Ray David
Published by Choices Publishing
Publication Date: 2007
Format: Black /White – 256 pages
Price: $14.95

Gretchen Vogel provides a light hearted approach to the telling of details in the after life. She explains that she has always been gifted with communicating with the dead and through them experience parts of the realms beyond. One thing that is evident is that she takes great comfort in “knowing”. This is backed up by a sense of excitement in her telling’s, not due to the actual deaths but to the fact that death is merely a transition to somewhere else. Why it’s easy to be a skeptic, a doubter and disbeliever, its more comforting to except what is written as a place of hope. Books such as these paint a different picture than what we are used to. They paint a purpose, a goal, a location a progression of oneself. Through transmitted tales of experience’s we get a glimpse into that realm she speaks of.

What is interesting is that she is an obvious Christian or believer in God and yet some of the details contradict the teachings we have come to know. Such as we are our own judge & jury in the afterlife and decide our own fate. The fact that we choose our surroundings and our form. The fact that we can somewhat still co-exist in the reality realm on a different level to watch over others. All these details amount to alot to think about.

Much of the information is presented in first hand experience. In other words the author being able to visit and converse with the dead about the after life. Several amazing things are covered such as the transition, the movements away from the body, the circumstances, the assimilation and the abilities you encounter in after life. A few things mentioned are the abilities to take on the form age” of your choice, the growth in energy and the ability to live among the earth folks (though of course unseen). She mentioned the film Beetle Juice at one point which is a the way I felt about this book. A “sort of” manual to the afterlife.

While many things are speculative and not based on scientific evidence, the information presented is quite compelling. The separation from body is discussed and the increased level of mobility in the after life. There is also much discussed with the other side about the coming of terms with your new situation. That is of course admitting that you are deceased and are ready to move on. I found both comfort and hesitancy in the chapters presented. As while many speak of there earthly ties and issues still surroundings them, I would want to excel to something much greater and metaphysical. It also supports the idea that this information is the mystery that awaits and not entirely even comprehensive to the deceased who haven’t moved past the “earth bound” stages. Alot to consume in one reading. My guess is that this book requires several sessions to re-acquaint yourself with all the specifics mentioned.

Another interesting aspect is the talk of the earth portal. According to the book, it is a tradition for the deceased. In other words once the deceased have made peace with there earthly intentions they have the power to self-open a portal that takes them to the beyond. A sort of ascension phase of death into a great unknown away from the familiars. At this point of the review I was about 3/4 through. Like any great mystery, I looked forward to the journey that lied into the chapters ahead.

Now upon reading this, much will sound like science fiction. In fact really good science fiction. Though the intent is to inform and not entertain. Whatever thoughts you leave this novel, does open up doors into new ways of thinking. If it’s stuff of dreams then I call it a very imaginative effort. If its truth from beyond then what a world of experience it is that awaits us. As a reader, I always make it a rule to never rule out the extraordinary, as strange as it may read. For readers, this is a great after life book. For students and enthusiasts, it is best to take in what is written and compare to other such novels to gain your own perspective.

“Choices in the After life”, is a well written, heart warming book that focuses more on the hope aspect than a purely metaphysical aspect. I think all readers with interest in the subject matter will leave this book with a smile on there face.

Even if you still leave with a strong sense of doubt, there remains a sense of change in the fact that hope is a possibility that others have experienced and can write about. I highly recommend this book for its ability to connect to readers. I’ve read others that do the same but also through in physics, science and historical data. At times while that’s informative, it can make the explanation a bit harder to grasp. Fantastic!

PS – At the time of this review it is reported that Gretchen has 2 other books in process

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