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Interview: Patrick Schwarzenegger (Daniel Isn’t Real)

DANIEL ISN’T REAL? The film has a 90% Rotten Tomatoes score, premiered at the SXSW film festival and was produced by SpectreVision (Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah’s production company) who produced last year’s breakout hit MANDY.

Patrick Schwarzenegger (Midnight Sun, “The Long Road Home”) stars in Daniel Isn’t Real. Directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer, Patrick portrays Daniel. This film is exceptional. Patrick does an incredible job as Daniel. He talked to Horrornews.net about Daniel Isn’t Real and what’s next for Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Hi Patrick, how are you?

Patrick- I am good. How are you?

I am doing great. Thanks.

Patrick- How is your Monday back?

It’s good. Busy and new projects so I am excited.

Patrick- That’s good.

You did such an incredible job in Daniel Isn’t Real. It is one of my favorite films of the year.

Patrick- Oh, wow. Thank you.

How did you get involved and why did you decide to take on the role of Daniel?

Patrick- I got involved by the traditional auditioning phases. Why, I wanted to get involved? I thought the script was cool, its something that was new and original. I wanted to work with the people at Spectra Vision who had just produced and created Mandy. It was such a hit and it got so many accolades. I think this script and this film brought out so many pertinent issues to today, from toxic masculinity, mental health and using film as a medium to bring those subjects to life and to the public. I thought it was such an interesting take on it.

I mentioned to Adam (Adam Egypt Mortimer -The Director/co-writer) when I spoke with him that this film should be watched by doctors, psychiatrist and health care workers. It shows the good, the light and darkness and all aspects of what goes on.

Patrick- Mental health is starting to get talked about more and more but its still not a subject that’s on the forefront. Politicians and people are not really finding ways to help people with mental health. Whether it is with veteran’s or with anyone. I know certain cities are but, on the mass majority they are NOT. It is a subject that’s massive. You are seeing more and more issues of gun-related violence and terrible acts of violence and other things that are stemming from the idea of mental health issues, especially with young men in society today.

It is sad that it isn’t talked about more. It should be talked about more.

Patrick- I agree with you. A lot of young men and people today don’t want to be vulnerable and come out and talk about it, it’s a subject that needs to be talked about.

You and Miles Robbins did such amazing jobs as Daniel and Luke. What was it like working together?

Patrick- It was great to work with him. We are such polar opposites in real life and in the movie that it was great to play opposite each other. We showed the dichotomy of the two characters and people the on the screen. I thought it was great to work with him and he’s super talented. I was fortunate to work with him.

What was it like working with the incredible director, Adam Egypt Mortimer, he is just talented? What was the process like?

Patrick- They spoke so highly of him at the time and then we had facetime, met in person and everything. I knew, I was in good hands. He let me explore and bring this character to life. It was a great collaborative process and I couldn’t speak more highly about him for that.

What would you like the audiences to take away from Daniel Isn’t Real? 

Patrick- I want them to enjoy it cinematically. The director of photography is an amazing guy, Lyle Vincent. I want them to keep an open mind and go in without knowing too much. It is a mind-bending, weird film that explores, like I said those subjects. I hope they think twice about it and you never know what other people are going through and to just be mindful.


What are you working on next Patrick?

Patrick- I filmed another movie, a psychological-thriller earlier this year called, Warning. Then, I filmed a movie with Michael Shannon that he produced and is starring in, called Echo Boomers. Right now, I am filming a new Netflix movie that’s produced, directed by Amy Poehler. I’ve got a full line up of stuff I worked on this year and I’m excited to get it out next year and keep working.

Did you have to do anything special to portray Daniel. I think you and Miles did such a good job portraying these characters. The two of you took them to another level.

Patrick- Thank you. I really appreciate that. I think we had to do a lot of prep and work and find ways to get into this character, because he’s totally not Patrick. He’s something that’s way different, menacing, and evil, and crazy and manipulative. I think it all helped from having Miles there, the director Adam helping and creating a back story and just trying to find ways to bring this character to life. It was not always through dialogue but through the aesthetic, facial expressions and the visualization and stuff.

I think you both did an amazing job. This movie is beautiful and tells an incredible story.

Patrick- Thank you.

Did you have a favorite scene without giving away spoilers?

Patrick- I thought the sword fighting scene was fun to film and it was intense. I’m glad it turned out good onscreen. I think when we got to run across the buses.

I loved the scene when Miles sort of turned into Daniel. This film was great. I thank you so much. It was an honor.

Patrick- Thank you Janel. I really appreciate the comments and thank you for taking the time to talk.



IMDB https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2200639/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t2

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