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Interview: Ceara Lynch (Use Me)

Ceara Lynch, the world’s most famous Mental Humiliatrix, is making her feature length film debut in Use Me, the suspenseful thriller that will be released by Gravitas on Digital and VOD on 11/26.

Ceara has successfully built a career as a leading star in the niche of online sex work by humiliating men online without ever exposing herself or meeting them in person. Hollywood has started exploring this niche sex work, most recently in “Euphoria” on HBO.”

Hi Ceara, how are you?

Ceara- I’m good. How are you?

I am doing good. Thank you. I watched Use Me and you did a good job. It has emotional stuff, empowerment, heartache and more.

Ceara- Oh thank you so much.

How did you get involved with Use Me? 

Ceara- Julian approached me, he sent me an email about seven years ago at this point. He discovered me online, I am not exactly sure how he discovered me online but I am sure you can use your imagination on that. He was working on a documentary series on entrepreneurs and he thought I would be an interesting subject for that. He flew out to Portland and he followed me around with a camera. After spending more time with me, he thought there is something more here and he wanted to do a full length documentary. After he spent even more time with me, I think he learned that I’m not the most interesting subject for a documentary because my life is pretty happy, content and it’s just not interesting for people to watch for ninety minutes.  So, that’s where the idea for making a hybrid-documentary with a fictional storyline within what looks like a pure documentary.

The scene where Julian shares his life stuff with you was a powerful moment.

Ceara- Oh yeah, I think that’s probably one of the most important scenes in the film. You get to know Julian and find out who he is. I think it’s a big turning point for the two of us as characters and everything takes off. It is an intense and emotional scene.

Were you nervous at all with this documentary and then having the fictional part come in for the story?

Ceara- I was nervous at the very beginning when I didn’t know Julian as well. Working in the sex industry, whenever someone from the outside comes in and wants to document you, there is this fear that they can make you look however they want to, right?


Ceara- So, a lot of times you see sex workers depicted in mainstream media as victims, weirdos or psychopaths, it’s very easy to dehumanize sex workers. We’ve seen it time and time again. So, that’s where I was mostly nervous, how he was going to depict me. It took a lot time together, it took a lot of trust. Julian is just an amazing, honest person and that was not the route he wanted to go. He included me every step of the way throughout the whole filming process. Julian is creative and had an interesting vision that he wanted to execute.

What do you want to say to the people who will be watching Use Me? 

Ceara- That’s a good question. I’m not sure, I think the movie speaks for itself. Everyone has an interpretation of the movie and I really enjoy hearing people’s interpretations and having them figure it out and be surprised by it. I have a pretty interesting job, I think it’s interesting. I do enjoy sharing that with people and the movie does a good job of that. I’m not trying to change people’s minds about anything or get a specific message out there. I just wanted to create a cool film and I hope people enjoy it.

What are you working on next?

Ceara- No projects, I am going to continue making smut.


Do you have a favorite moment form Use Me without giving away spoilers?

Ceara- The scene where Julian and I are on my back porch and we’re discussing the fact that I paid myself a thousand dollars instead of a hundred dollars. That was something we shot near the beginning. We talked about the movie conceptually and our producer Jonathon Green said, look you’ve got to tape her doing something. I need to see if she can act or not so that was one of the first scenes we did just playing around. I love that scene and that it made it into the movie.

That was an intense scene. You both did a great job. Well. I thank you so much and I saw the human side in this. It’s a beautifully done film. It’s fascinating. I grew up kind of with a free-spirit artist mom and I see stuff different maybe so you guys did a great job.

Ceara- Oh good, I’m glad. You asked me what kind of message I might be trying to get out there, I mean, if anything I hope that people just see me as human even though I have a weird job and that sort of thing, we are all just people. Right on.

I thank you so much. Thank you for taking time to talk with Horrornews.net

Ceara- Thank you so much. It was good talking to you.


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