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Horror’s Deadliest Home Moves Revealed

From ‘The Amityville Horror’ to ‘The Conjuring’, there are many successful films that have twisted the everyday stress of moving house into a sinister storyline.  Compare My Move has analysed some of the most iconic horror movies to find the deadliest home move to date.

*Contains spoilers for films mentioned below*

Reviewing 100 horror films from the 1960s right up until the 2010s, including both originals and remakes, we’ve revealed the cinematic house moves with the deadliest consequences.

  • With 2.6 deaths per minute, ‘Blood and Chocolate’ contains the deadliest home moves to date
  • The noughties are crowned the Deadliest Decade with 352 on-screen deaths in only 23 films from that era
  • Modern remakes resulted in a higher number of deaths compared to the original films
  • MGM Studios were responsible for the most on-screen slaughter

For more blood-curdling findings and the full research click here.



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