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New Scary Stories Tribute Book

This obsessive collaboration of writer Curt Tuckfield and illustrator Shane Hunt (artist for the Scary Stories documentary feature film) brings to life a new collection of original stories and art which meticulously pay tribute to the work and style of writer Alvin Schwartz and illustrator Stephen Gammell.

Over four years of work has gone into this.

As kids, Curt and I were traumatized in the best way by the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark books. They horrified and delighted us. We waited, hopeful that some fourth volume would be released. By early 2016, we decided if anyone was going to make another Scary Stories book it would have to be us.

We have spent hundreds of hours analyzing the writing style of Alvin Schwartz and the art of Stephen Gammell. This project is the culmination of that effort.

Our goal in making this book was simple; to scare ourselves. We made this book because we wanted it. We knew that if we didn’t feel like it was an authentic Scary Stories experience, then no one else would either.



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